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“The Angels’young core’is over-rated!”Seperating reality from fan fiction-what’s real vs what’s HOPIUM & desperate COPE from losing Ohtani. LOGAN O’HOPPE IS THE REAL DEAL HOLLYFIELD & WILL HIT +50HRs. Neto is ok but still an unknown. NOLAN IS OVER RATED-little leaugers hit with more pop than Nolan!


Perry has already doomed this team by not even bothering to sign any big FAs to improve the team. The Angels have never won 80 games with Perry. Perry is NOT a winning GM. Perry had the Angels averaging 74 wins a year WITH Ohatni. This current Perry ran Angels team aint winning more than 70 games. Logan O’Hoppe being the only superstar on the team won’t be enough. Angels will still desperately need Trout & Rendon to produce and the chances of both staying healthy for a whole season are astronomically low. Stick a fork in the Angels. They are done. Perry has already ruined the Angels. The fat lady has already sung

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