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O’Hoppe is the next big MLB superstar!Stevie Wonder can see it!Arte made great decision to ignore Perry&demand trade for O’Hoppe.O’Hoppe carries himself with unreal swag,poise,&leadership.Dude hit 14HRs in 182ABs&statistically puts barrel to ball like Yordon Alvarez,BUT what about Neto?Hype or real?


Neto is the hard one whos truly difficult to evaluate. All though most would agree his defense has superstar potential, for most of the season his batting was terrible. He hasn’t shown himself to be much of a hitter yet. However in the season series against the Rangers at Arlington, Neto was red hot and super cluth at the plate. Neto got injuried quickly thereafter that series, so it’s hard to say what truly happened to Neto. It’s hard to attribute what his struggles were to. Was Neto terrible for the rest of the year only because of injuries? Was that Rangers series just a fluke? However, Neto is 1 of only few players who tore up Framber Valdez. So Neto has shown that he does do good vs great pitchers. As I said, it’s truly difficult to get any kind of proper read on Neto. IF that Rangers series was a taste of what’s to come than Neto has good potential and will be very capable. ps Nolan Schanuel is insanely over rated though. Little leaugers hit with more pop than him. Nolan is the case of a desperate hurt fanbase looking for any hope in everything. Logan O’Hoppe is the real deal Hollyfield. Neto is OK but still an unknown. Nolan is genuinely awful. That’s what the reality is

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