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When will Perry Minasian ever get the credit he deserves? He’s the best GM ever


The Angels in 2014 & 2015 had 98 & 85 wins. The Angels in 2017 & 2018 had 80 wins. Say what you want about Perry, before Perry the Angels use to actually win – Perry took over and turned the franchise into a 72 win team, and thats what true achievement is. Thats what is truly special as the number 72 sounds way cooler than numbers above 80 or 90! Baseball is not about winning. Its about being loved on reddit! Perry is an amazing GM and anyone who says otherwise is just a delusional hater! I may be a fan of the Angels but I love Perry more so I will never hold Perry accountable for anything! Perry can never do any wrong in my eyes. The Angels are better with him, and all his signings have been incredible. Tyler Anderson (Perry’s huge signing) has been incredible and shouldve won Cy Young last year. The voters were just Perry haters too! Renfore was an all star and won us so many games! Gio helped us so much by missing 85% of the season with injuries. I, in fact, hope that Perry continues to sign injury probe players coming off a career year, because as history has shown those players always maintain that level! It’s the Perry way and the Perry way should be the ONLY way to do things! Do I really care that while Regain gave us Trout, and Eppler gave us Ohtani, Perry hasn’t given us anything of worth? Of course I dont care about any of that small stuff! Because as the Angels fans on this reddit keep telling me, all star players are over rated. All time greats are over rated and never make a difference. The Perry way which is to sign a bunch of AA talent and rehabilitation projects, is clearly the best route to take. THATS WHAT wins games as evidenced by the Angels winning 72 wins a year under Perry! That’s what works. We must never ever allow ourselves to sign a big FA all star ever again – we may end up actually being a winning team under Perry if we do, and that can’t ever happen on Perry’s watch. Being a winning team is the last thing on earth Perry would ever let happen on his watch and ever accept! In conclusion I love Perry and Perry is the best Angels GM ever. You haters need to stop hating on Perry, you must worship him at the altar like I do every night before bed. I would never want the Angels to start winning by accident so that’s why I rest easy knowing Perry will continue to run the show, because under Perry’s watch accidents don’t happen! Perry’s dedication to winning 72 games is special. It takes great skill to never even win by accident. Perry manages with terrific skill to always maintain his baseline! Perry is simply consistent and that’s what I want from my Angels, consistency the Perry way!

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