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5 BOLD predictions 2024


  1. Mike Trout returns to being one of the top players in the league…
    -Trout has been plagued by injuries since his last MVP year in 2019, however last season was the first time his production saw a noticeable dip when he was on the field. Despite nay-sayers and negative projections I say Trout bounces back and reminds everyone who he is-one of the greatest players of all time!

  2. Reid Detmers has a big season…
    -Detmers in my opinion is one of our more promising youngsters and last season was disappointing for him. Hes still only 24, and the new pitching coach has already began working with him, we all remember that no-hitter; Detmers has great stuff!

  3. Rendon cuts the shit…
    -I think Rendon will try his best this year to play as many as he can especially with the DH slot open, I just read on SI he is taking a new approach to help his post age 30 body go through a full season- can’t be much worse than he has been!

  4. Bullpen is great…
    -Estevez coming off an all-star year, Stephenson and Moore very good, Garcia and Cimber may be wildcards but could work out well, and I really like Joyce/Sorianno/Bachman as young guns!

  5. More team ball this year…
    -With Ohtani gone and Trout only getting older I think the youngins like O’Hoppe, Neto, Schannuel, Moniak, Gifo, Adell, Sorianno, Joyce, Detmers and even Sandy all contribute and we see more of an evenly talented roster with no glaring holes. Washington and the other new coaches all seem like great additions to this team and im very excited to see the young guys shock the baseball world; Keeping expectations low but who knows, a few things go our way and we’re back in the playoffs!!

PS: Tyler Anderson will have a solid season

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