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The Ohtani Curse is over! A practical way to approach the Angels moving forward


Hear me out, as the math doesn’t lie –


Pre-Ohtani (18 years):
48 playoff games, one world championship — That’s 2.6 games per season!

Mid-Ohtani (6 years): 0 playoff games, zero world championships — That’s nothing!

Say what you will about losing out on the most magnificent player to grace our planet, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work. And he’s not here. But we still are. Like it or not, we are here and we have whatever Arte gives us.

He must know more than me, as he built an economic empire out of renting billboards in the middle of the desert. And it worked. Good for him. And now he does whatever he wants. Good. Maybe on top of being a crap owner, he’s living out a lifelong dream for many of us. What do i care? I’m never going to meet this guy.

So I’m here to flip the script. I’d like to see some complete crap baseball now with the slight chance of seeing playoff baseball before. I would dare to say no one thought we would win it all in 2002. But it happened. Might happen this year. Might not.

And this is what we have, and I’m looking forward to many $6 tickets. I’m looking forward to sitting in the 100’s before the third inning ends. I’m looking forward to laughing it up in the sun and smoking a cigar by the Gene Autry statue.

The Curse is gone, and baseball is irrational, so the faster we turn the positive energy of yonder years into funny victimization, the better off we are.

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