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Billy Eppler appreciation!Ever since Perry Minasian took over the Angels the Angels have been a disaster,from a .500 win team to not even a .500team(72win team under Perry)Perry has consistently given Angels fans the worst line ups full of AA players.2022 & 2023 seasons were unacceptable by Perry


… regardless of injuries.When Andrew Valesquez is a starter there’s a huge problem there. Perry loves to talk about “depth” Yet when the Dodgers and Braves were ravaged just as much by injuries they didn’t fall apart, and their 2nd string or even 3rd string guys were never as genuinely awful as a Velasquez etc. Angels fans never got better product because they never held Perry to the fire and demanded better from Perry (“bU bUt LeT PerRy cOoK.”) Arte was always nothing more than Perry’s convenient scapegoat

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