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And to think we were downvoted for seeing this coming!


Last year when it was clear we weren’t in it, was the time to trade Ohtani for a haul. Yet many fans resisted the notion, blinded by their delusion that we’d somehow retain Ohtani, that we’d somehow, despite failing to win when paying Ohtani peanuts, magically pull it off paying him 500M+!

But no, ya’ll were blinded in your worship of Perry thinking this used car salesman could build a winner despite failing for his first 2 years. Yeah how’d that turn out this year?

Rational fans knew that the playoffs were a longshot and that trading Ohtani was the smart move. But reactionary fans thought otherwise and insisted to complete against 2% odds. And stable genius Perry obliged, while his cult chanted around the fire, “Let him cook! Let him cook!” And cook he did, his trade deadline acquisitions being worth negative WAR and being placed on waivers soon after.

The cult worship of Perry continues to blind fans to the truth. And suddenly people are surprised Shohei went to the Dodgers, the most predictable and expected outcome. I dont blame Arte for not offering Shoehi 700M, that’s just utter nonsense. But I blame him for not showing Perry the door.

Enough is enough! You Perry nuthuggers are even writing cuckhold fanction about Perry fucking your wives. The fuck is wrong with ya, too much Minasian Mayo in your brains? Wake the fuck up! Its time to get out of Plato’s cave and see the light!

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