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I 100% think Ohtani is resigning with the angels.


I 100% think Ohtani is resigning with us and here are my reasons.

  1. Comfortability. I think he is used to living and working in Anaheim. He’s a very laid back chill dude that’s not a big fan of change.

  2. Friends. He’s great friends with Fletcher and Trout and people on the team. I think he has a small circle of friends that he likes going to work with. He also shouted O’happe for going to his agent yesterday, in an Angels uniform.

  3. He’s one of the few major athletes that has a bunch of his team shouted out on his instagram still. About 70% of it has angels stuff, and continues to do so.

  4. Drive to win. We are trying to win. No one knew last years trade wouldn’t work out. Like legit everyone we traded for sucked ass when they came to us. I feel him putting feelers out about going to different teams was also to see what angells would do. Hence not rebuilding and trying to get big pieces.

Coaching staff we got is better now, because nevin wasn’t it. I think on the next couple days it’ll pop up saying he’s resigning with angels for 12 years 550.
I also could be completely wrong in the next 24 hours and just wasted this whole post. But hey, I think he’s going to resign.

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