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Ohtani Dream


So the other night I had a dream with Ohtani in it. Shohei and I were at the bank applying for a small business loan to fund our new business venture. We were trying to sell fishing tackle/equipment (my dream didn’t specify but I assume it was intended for trout fishing).

While we were in the middle of our meeting some bank robbers came into the bank threatening people while trying to rob the place. For some reason Ohtani and I had some of our product with us, and the bank robbers approached us while telling everybody to get on the ground. While guns are being pointed at me, Shohei proceeds to take the fishing rod he’s holding and stab it through the chest of the bank robbers, saving me and everybody in the bank.

Well that was the end of the dream. I’m thinking this is a prophecy that Ohtani is meant to be with Trout and will remain an Angel (and maybe will open a small fishing tackle business with me or save my life sometime in the future).

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