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Hi, I’m Randy Nuñez! What are your burning questions for Jeff Fletcher of the OC Register?


If you bothered to open this, I just want to say thank you! Like the Title says, my name is Randy, and I’m a blogger/podcaster. I started writing for a card breaking website back in January, and began my talking endeavor at the beginning of November. I can’t stop thinking or talking about baseball. It doesn’t end after the World Series for me. The offseason begins, and I am 100% into it until Spring Training. Then I go to Arizona for that to see a few games.

As I say on my show, Between The Chalk Lines, “All Baseball Talk, All The Time.”

So you’re wondering why I told you all of this, and what the heck this post is even about, right? Well, I get the chance to sit down with Angels beat writer for the OCR, Jeff Fletcher, and talk with him for an hour. When he agreed to this interview, I initially thought that I may find enough questions about the team on my own, but I like to be fan-driven. What does it matter what I want to ask! Tell me what YOU want to know, also! I’m sure there are some gems out there in this community.

TL;DR – I’m interviewing Angels beat writer Jeff Fletcher, of the OC Register. What do you want me to ask him?

Thank you in advanced, and keep faith in the team for 2024 and beyond!

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