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Right now, the manager doesnt matter. Nothing will change until the entire organization is overhauled


After McCourt was forced to sell the Dodgers, Magic Johnson was given the responsibility of representing the owners to the public. Whenever asked about turning the Dodgers into a winning club he always responded from an organization perspective. To summarize; his answers included full, healthy meals for minor leaguers, constant communication between team leaders and managers, and regimented schedules for strength training and recovery. He made it clear that the Dodgers new standard was excellence and everyone in the organization would come to believe that standard was bigger than any single person.

CJ Wilson said on his first day of camp as the big FA signing he asked what was for breakfast and was told to drive to Chik-Fil-A.

Tyler Skaggs… so incredibly sad. An excellent organization would have handled it differently before tragedy struck.

Our prospects dont develop and our pitchers find excellence when they leave. Even a passing observation at the organization screams that players must succeed despite the organization. The fact that Trout is Trout only suggests he would be a top 3 player all time in an excellent organization. Edgar Quero forcing his way to the top-100 prospects while with the Angels suggests he is even more talented than we thought.

Its unnecessary to shit on the team further. We all know the problems. We have struggled through them and the theme is clear: surface level shine with zero foundation. Sign Trout and Ohtani to sell tickets. Sign Pujols for the shiny new player. Bring in Hamilton and Wilson so the headlines say the top FA is in Anaheim. And oh yeah, screw Anaheim give us that LA moniker so we can sell more tickets.

I honestly dont give a damn who manages this team. It will hardly make a difference. The Angels organization pays no respect to their common players and thus the common players dont respect where they are playing. How long has it been since we had a bench player leave it all on the field a la Kike Hernandez or Brock Holt? It is pure emptiness behind the stars.

Last point: look at Rendon. I know the warning signs of his apathy have always been there. But an attitude like that cannot thrive in a positive, upbeat environment filled with excitement to play and gratitude to be playing among coaches and teammates you respect. Rendon has clearly isolated himself and his environment keeps telling him that he can get away with it.

Nothing will change until we address the foundation. Our foundation is minor leaguers, coaches, and trainers. Angel players need to know they are in the best organization in baseball. And we all know that just isnt true.

/rant. Hoping for the best. I do really love the Angels.

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