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Daily reminder: a healthy Angels squad deep into the season went into Arlington & smashed the 2023 Rangers world series winners game after game after game. Angels when healthy are an elite world series calibre team


The Rangers winning the world series btw proves that rebuilding doesnt work and has never worked. Dodgers have always been a playoff dynasty. Tampa Bay embaresses themselves in the postseason year after year. Rebuilding doesnt work period. If the goal of baseball is to win the world series than anything less is a monumental failure, and history shows that rebuilding never leads to a world series win therefore rebuilding is a monumentally failure. The Angels just need to do what the Rangers did, and sign actual good players. Perry has dropped the ball tremendously as Angels GM. He fails to sign good players, has a terrible eye for talent and has made all the worst signings ever. The blame falls sqaurely on Perry. Heck Arte wanted Trea Turner and that wouldve served us a whole lot better than Tyler fucking Anderson. We need to let Arte cook

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