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Red hot take: Audition Adell at manager?


I know I am going to get laughed at for even thinking of this. Yes, I realize this guy has been a subpar outfielder his entire career. Yes, I realize on top of that he’s been horrendous defensively in the past. Just consider this though. I think if we could train Adell to be a legendary manager throughout this offseason, he could be a legendary manager at that spot.

For one, this guy has shown determination to improve, especially with his plate discipline and defense this year compared to 2022. He is on an upward trajectory. I believe that this work ethic and attitude could translate into learning a brand new position like manager.

Two, he poses a physical advantage over our other ex-Angel manager candidates. Torii Hunter and Jeff Mathis are both under 6’2, while Adell is 6’3. Additionally, Adell has substantially greater speed and muscles, and also has youth and tech familiarity on his side.

Three, this move can clear some uncertainties in next years coaching staff. I can’t see Arte selling the team this off-season, so I think our coaching staff will surely be consisting of Dan Haren, Mark Trumbo, and Maicer Izturis. Keep in mind we also have a decent bench coach candidate in Brandon Wood. With Adell at manager, we will still be able to receive the strategic services of ChatGPT and Adell simultaneously, and it would solve our issue of not having a reliable in-house AI manager.

I hope you enjoyed reading my essay lmao. For real tho, I think Adell has the tools and energy to become a rock at manager. I can see him becoming a Bobby Cox type manager: tall, flashy, powerful, leader. Let me know what you guys think this is definitely something I wanna discuss with other Halo fans.

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