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Let’s get Kim


Coincidentally I said the same thing last year. But this time round I’m talking about Kim Ng.

Look, Perry has got to go. He’s shit the bed in the three years he’s been here. Now, it’s not entirely his fault, but what was it Perry said about Nevin? “In sports, when you have certain expectations and you don’t meet those expectations, there are changes.” Well I feel the same way bout you Perry. You haven’t met expectations in the slightest.

As for Kim Ng, despite having similar organizational issues and shitty ownership, managed to build a winner all the same. Finally got the Marlins to the post season. Despite a shoe string budget and not having the likes of Ohtani and Trout either. Both Kim and Perry were hired around the same time and both have managed for 3 years for their respective teams. The difference in results is stunning despite the many advantages Perry has had. Time for him to go.

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