Your Halos Hub!

Nothing to brag about as our team failed but I remember a couple things about Angels and Dodgers players


  1. We traded for Giolito and Dodgers traded for Lance Lynn. Giolito was bad from the jump and Lynn started well his first 2 games. People were crying that they knew Lynn was going to be better and the Angels got fleeced. Lynn went downhill after his first few starts and today was part of that failure.

  2. Everyone remembers Ohtani striking out Trout in the WBC and Japan won the Championship. People out there called Trout a bum and his career going downhill. People fail to recognize that the game wouldn’t have ended if Betts didn’t start off grounding into a double play. Betts may be MVP worthy this season but hitting .000 in the playoffs and looking lifeless doesn’t look like a team leader to me.

As I said, I have nothing much to brag about as an Angels fan this season but I said what I said. Sue me!

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