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Brandon Marsh on Ohtani


Great TwXtter thread translating a Japanese news article of Brandon Marsh’s comments about Shohei.

This says a lot about the hitting coaches the Angels had in the past:

If I had to pick one of biggest piece of advice I got from Shohei, it would be how to use my feet when Im at bat.

I remember it so well how he advised me to lower my center and hit with a sturdy stance because my lower half of my body is swinging unstable. By doing this, my feet will get some sort offa powerful (movement) and the swing will be consequencely more smooth.

If your feet are slow, your swinging arm will also be slow. If you watch Shohei, you will see that his body movements when hitting are quick and powerful.

After I moved to the Phillies, many players said the same thing as Shohei said. It was definitely the advice I needed.

Here’s the link to the original article.

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