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Its funny that despite all the hate Eppler gets


Our best players are still all his guys lol. Demters, Sandy, Rengifo, Canning, and of course Shohei leading the team in WAR. Despite their pitching struggles this year (that they and pitching staff blame on Perry’s faulty analytics by the way), Detmers and Sandy were still miles better than Perry’s pitching acquisitions in Anderson and Giolito lol! Not to mention Eppler getting Senga for the Mets….but hey Perry is one of the best GMs in baseball right? Lmao. I give him credit for signing Drury tho, that was a great find. A rare Perry W.

(Inb4 its not Perry’s fault its the medical staff!! Even though Frostad is a Perry guy who go back from their time with the Braves.)

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