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Keep Arte.


long time listener, first time caller —

Let’s keep Arte until 2026.

Two 75-87 seasons won’t hurt us too much — outside of fan morale. Build up draft picks, rebuild the scouting department under the GM (whether it’s Perry or a 4th GM in the past 8 years.) We don’t have much farm to trade since we went all in on Giolito by giving up Quero and Bush. Compounding that by not trading Adell two years ago when his value was peaking.

Losing Ohtani will be significant. And retaining an aging and oft-injured Trout would also be detrimental. Anthony Rendon will be securing $114,000,000 for the next 3 seasons guaranteed, so that does not help as well, but we all knew a Hamilton-esque contract like that could happen again.

But! We short tank and have faith in the drafting process and hope that one or two of: Schanuel, Neto or O’Hoppe turns into a building block (or a superstar) entering the turn of the decade.

So I ask you: Does new ownership change this at all or will we end up just hating New Owner X just as much as we all hate Moreno now?

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