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Best and Worst Pitches for the 2023 Season



Subject to change after today’s game

By Run Value (Total)

1. Shohei’s 4-seamer

2. Estevez’s 4-seamer

3. Shohei’s splitter

4. Jose Soriano’s curveball

121. Detmer’s 4-seamer

122. Sandoval’s 4-seamer

123. Barria’s 4-seamer

124. Anderson’s 4-seamer

By Whiff%

  1. Jose Soriano’s curveball (47.1%)

  2. Sandoval’s changeup (43.2%)

  3. Shohei’s splitter (41.4%)

  4. Anderson’s changeup (39.8%)

Other Random Observations

  • Ben Joyce’s fastball has been excellent in a small sample size (surprise!)
  • Sam Bachman throws his slider a lot and gets great results
  • Detmers has a killer curveball that he throws 19% of the time
  • Shohei’s cutter has been pretty lackluster (i.e., a nice way of that it’s gotten bopped)
  • Silseth had 3 plus pitches: Sinker, Cutter, Slider

I’m not implying that any of those guys should cut out the 4-seam altogether or significantly reduce their usage of it, because they do use that threat to enable their off-speed stuff. But golly gee willikers, the contrast is stark between the haves and have-nots.

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