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It’s hilarious how people will blame everyone and anyone except for Perry


Fire Nevin. Fire Frostad. Fire Thames. Fire Wise. Fire the GM’s front office. Fuck Arte he needs to sell the team. Oh but keep GM Perry, he’s been awesome! <- actual comments I see by the Perry cultists. That’s right folks, everyone is to blame except for the guy in charge of operations who also hired many of these people. Fuckin lol! Make it make sense!

But really, I’m quite puzzled as to why there’s such a cult of personality around Perry. A GM who in 3 years still hasn’t a procured a winning season. With Ohtani and Trout no less. Who hasn’t improved the farm at all. Who has whiffed on most of his signings and trades.

As another redditor pointed out, Perry has only acquired 2 players with over 2.5 WAR in the 3 years he’s been here. That’s awful. Horrendous. Oh, but his signings “all looked good at the time!!” right? Yeah, that excuse stops making the sense after the first couple of terrible signings. Doesn’t pass Occam’s razor in the slightest. Never mind the fact that ultimately you are judged on results, and Perry hasn’t delivered.

And has coaching and player development improved under him? Our players and some staff don’t seem to think so. Our starting pitchers all regressed this year, and you know who they blame? Who some of our pitching staff blame? Cause it ain’t Matt Wise if that’s what you are thinking. They blame the organizational pitching approach from Perry and his FO.

That’s not to say he hasn’t done any good. Some of the rookies he’s drafted and traded for are showing promise. But if your only defense of Perry is that rookies with 10 games are already successful draft picks and future all stars, I know you have no clue what you’re talking about. None of the rookies people are high on have even played for a full season.

So yeah, can’t say I understand the fanaticism with Perry. While I don’t think he’s the only problem with the team, or even the main problem, I sure as shit don’t see what makes him such a great GM. So far he hasn’t delivered any results. Only some possible hopes for the future. Which is a case of ‘remains to be seen”, not “Perry is the bestest GM ever and he does no wrong and santa is real!”

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