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Trout and Ohtani Speculation


Alright everyone, put on your tinfoil hats.

Less than a week ago, a supposed insider report came out stating the Angels organization was allegedly open to trading Mike Trout if he were to request a trade. Just days later, Ohtani has cleared out his locker without any notice. So with that, I’m wondering if that Trout rumor has some credibility now and if he might’ve had a conversation with Ohtani about the poor state of the Angels.

Earlier this season, Trout had stated on a few different occasions that he would try to convince Ohtani to stay, however the last time he made that statement was before the trade deadline. After things spiraled out of control post-deadline, Trout hasn’t made any indication that he’d try to convince Ohtani to stay. Instead, his statements regarding Ohtani have been that he needs to do what’s right for himself. Take this quote from August 26th from Trout for example:

“There’s a lot of questions,” Trout said. “The whole Shohei situation — I don’t think anybody knows what he’s feeling or what he’s thinking. It’s ultimately gonna come down to what he thinks and what he feels, and he’s gonna do what’s right for him and what he feels is right. I see him on a daily basis, obviously. He’s coming in every day. He looks like he’s enjoying it and feels comfortable. But I don’t know. It’s gonna be a tough go this winter. You never know what’s gonna happen.”

I’m seriously wondering if Trout and Ohtani had a conversation with each other about their futures with the Angels, and if Trout is really seeking a way out which might’ve convinced Ohtani to leave for good. I mean, on top of that, you have and injury update from Rendon where he says the Angels staff aren’t able to identify injuries correctly and that he’s not sure what his future with the Angels is going to look like.

To be clear, this is only speculation. For all we know, Ohtani left because he is going to get surgery which will end his season (and is probably the most likely explanation). Really hoping Trout sticks around, and by some act of God Ohtani wants to stay (which isn’t realistic, I know).

Okay everyone, you’re good to remove your tinfoil hats.

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