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Sell The Team, Arte


With the news that Ohtani’s tenure as Angel is over (season-ending IL) and the rumors that Trout is on the trade block, its evident that this organization has reached its bottom. We have squandered the glory days of two once-in-a-lifetime players, and we have virtually nothing to show for it. Under Arte Moreno’s ownership, a perennial playoff team has been methodically degraded and demolished to its current state of chaos, mismanagement and embarrassment.

It’s unlikely that long-time Angels fans will turn their back on the team, but it couldn’t be more obvious that that status quo is unsustainable. The team could make a change in the front office or at manager, but those positions have already turned over somewhat recently and the subsequent improvements (if any) were either circumstantial or short-lived. We need a change at the top.

Sell the team, Arte. Take your precious billions and your meddling and your $14 beers and the very suspicious collapse of your stadium-area redevelopment and go. You have no aptitude for owning a sports franchise, and any casual observer can see that. Leave. Go back to your billboards so we can heal as a fan base and an organization, and rebuild this team with greater competency, accountability, and transparency.

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