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The Halos should sign Isiah Kiner-Falefa in free agency this off-season


NYY Util Isiah Kiner-Falefa is going to be a free agent this off-season, and I really think the Angels should sign him. I think he helps mitigate some of the Angels issues.

  • He has a squeaky clean injury record, even with the Yankees who are the most injured team not named the Angels. He’s reliably not on the IL, which is something the Angels really need. If the Yankees couldn’t hurt him, there’s a reasonable chance the Angels can’t either.

  • He can play any position on the field. Infield, outfield, catcher, he can do it all. Because he can play anywhere he’s a perfect fit for a team that’s hurt all the time. Just plug him in to replace whoever is down this time. Or if a DH goes down just have a fielder DH and put him in the field. “DH goes down, have Moniak DH, put IKF in left” sort of line.

  • His bat isn’t amazing, but it’s serviceable and not an active liability, and the Angels are pretty good on offense so they don’t need him to bat .300 or anything. He does cause havoc on the base paths when he does get on base, and he actually can hit with RISP. He’s not out of place as a 7th bat in the order or so. (He actually stole home this season!)

  • He has a great arm for making outfield assists or turning double plays from 3B and the speed to get to hard hit balls.

  • He won’t cost much money, so acquiring him leaves plenty of money for other signings/trying to hold on to Ohtani.

  • He’ll even pitch an inning at the end of a blowout or when a game goes to extras and go 1-2-3 so we can all go home.

  • He’s a great clubhouse guy. He’s not a leader, but you have Moose for that. He’s just a no drama guy who will do whatever the coaches ask of him and not do stupid shit or get in trouble with the law or the league.

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