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2024 Roster Outline based on who played with the angels in 2023 and haven’t been traded/released


  • SP: Anderson, Sandoval, Detmers, Canning, Silseth
  • C: O’Hoppe, Thaiss
    • Minors: Wallach, Okey
    • TBD: Stassi
  • 1B: Schanuel, Cabbage
    • Minors: Padlo
  • 2B: Drury, Rengifo
    • Minors: Stefanic
  • 3B: Rendon
  • SS: Neto, Fletcher
    • Minors: Paris, Soto
  • OF: Trout, Moniak, Ward, Adell
    • Minors: Adams, Phillips
  • RP: Estevez, Soriano, Bachman, Joyce, Rosenberg, Wantz, Barria, Suarez
    • Occasional 6th man: Suarez, Rosenberg
    • Minors: Diaz, Ingram, Mederos, Rodriguez, Marte, Daniel, Marte, Herget, Reyes

IL: Warren (TJ), Quijada (TJ), Rendon (at some point)

Arbitration 1: Quijada, Herget, Suarez, Adell, Valdez

Arbitration 2: Barria, Phillips, Wallach, Canning, Rengifo, Ward, Sandoval, Walsh

Free Agents: Urshela, Cron, Grichuk, Ohtani, Moustakas

Team Options: Loup (not picked up), Escobar (Not Picked up)

Released at Arbitration: Walsh, Valdez

Contract Expiration: Moronta

  • bold italicized names are those who I think could possibility to be released at arbitration

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