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Future Angel’s GM for 2024?


At this point in time, we don’t know whether or not Perry will be back for 2024 with one year left on his contract after this season ends. I don’t really want to know what people’s thoughts are on Perry (since I’m well aware of the mixed feelings) but more-so thoughts on potential future GM’s for the team if he was relieved of his duties.

One guy that’s currently just been made available with his firing from the Red Sox that would seem like a great fit: Chaim Bloom.

A little about his time with the Rays and Red Sox according to Wikipedia that I highly suggest people to read to get a better understanding of who he is.

For those who want the quick rundown. He essentially is one of the major reasons for the creation of the Ray’s way and the constant regular season success they’ve had for the past decade or so. With the Red Sox he hasn’t had the same success with the most notable moves being trading away Mookie Betts, not re-signing Bogaerts, and only making the playoffs in 2021 in the 4 seasons he was there.

Again, would like to hear people’s thoughts on Bloom. And if you guys have other guys in mind; who would that be and why?

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