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I am considering switching teams


I’ve been an Angels fan my whole life. I grew up going to games and even had school events at the stadium because it was close by. I even participated in Little League day.

I moved to LA 4 years ago and I feel rooted here. But I don’t own or wear Dodgers hats or jerseys because I’m that loyal to the team.

I’m beginning to accept that if I “switch teams” I’m not being a traitor, a poser or jumping on the bandwagon. But I’m having a REAL hard time doing it.

The Angels haven’t been anything special in a long time, but this year broke me. I can handle when my team loses, but when it’s the ownership and management getting in the way, it’s demoralizing in a different way.

What is your view on switching teams, and why do you think it’s so hard for a person like me to do it?

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