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We always talk about how hard it is being the fan of a certain team. Let’s debate the worst sports team combination. Angels/chargers/Boise state/navy


I’m a Los Angeles chargers, Los Angeles angels of Anaheim and Boise state broncos and navy midshipmen fan.

The Los Angeles chargers have no fans after moving from sandiego. 0 Super Bowl rings. Constant national embarrassment. Injury prone and bad contracts. Notorious for charging. ⚡️

The angels have waisted 2 of the greatest players of all time. Have 1 World Series. Constant resentment to the owner. Injury prone like crazy/ bad contracts. Depressed fans.

Boise state had its glory years but have mediocre at best in the last 5-7 years.

Navy football ☠️ don’t have to say much. (I Was a navy sailor)

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