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Finally at a place of peace with this team


It’s strange, this was the first game in awhile that I’ve watched without feeling stressed at any point. Wednesday, before we found out about Shohei, I had my usual “god this team sucks so bad, I wish I could stop watching them but I can’t because I still love them even though they fill me with dread” feeling.

Then the news broke and suddenly getting swept by the Reds seemed so very unimportant in the grand schemes. It made me really start thinking about how lucky we’ve been to get to watch him do his thing these past years wearing an Angels uniform.

And so going into this game, I just felt totally relaxed throughout. I didn’t care if we won or lost. It was just pure meaningless fun between two teams who have 0 hopes of making the playoffs and both know it. Playing a team that is on equal ground with us also felt nice. Most of all though, it was nice to just watch #17 out on the field.

Winning helped too though, of course 😉

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