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The Angels’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Lets do a quick run down. Yesterday we played a double header. This is what happened.

  • Lost both games
  • Total score was 16-7
  • Trout did not play, and was placed back on the IL
  • Ohtani pulled early, and revealed to have a torn UCL
    • Word is that the organization knew something was wrong and sent him out anyways
  • CJ Wilson goes off on the organization with the following:
    • Angels refused to buy Pujols a specialized treadmill because it was “too expensive”
    • Angels didn’t serve players breakfast over portions of Spring Training
    • Angels didn’t have a weight room until 2013
    • “Imagine telling players “just run really hard to first base and you’ll be in great shape.””
    • “Imagine telling players to be physically ready for 8am workouts by “stopping at a chick fil-a[sic] if you need to eat idk””

I love this team, but sometimes I really don’t know why we bother with them.

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