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I don’t want to give up hope


I know logically, the season is over. Has been over. It was over when they choked up vs the Mariners when every game was winnable. Or maybe it over when we lost Mike Trout. Regardless, we simply didn’t have the starting pitching to compete this year. Sandy and Detmers regressed badly, and the Anderson contract was a huge miss. Add in the injuries and its game over.

But another year of fucking disappoint is too much. I don’t want this season to end like this with a fucking whimper. Some people say that its fun to watch the team with zero expectations. But I disagree. I think winning is fun. Competing is fun. Making it to the playoffs would be fun. I want there to be fucking stakes when we watch the team play. Something to care about. If the season is over there’s no real reason to tune in. There’s nothing on the line anymore.

I want to believe they can go 29-8 and sneak into the playoffs. I want to believe our young starters can figure it out. That our bats will wake up again. That Trout will be back and spark things up. I know these things won’t happen. But, it is hard for me to give up the hope in the impossible.

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