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What do we do with Jo Adell?


We all know he’s got a habit of mashing AAA and then blowing it both at the plate and in the field when he gets called up. Not sure what his trade value is right now given the potential vs actual results. Also with Marsh gone the long term status of the OF doesn’t seem as log jammed as everyone thinks:

  • Ward proved himself last year can be streaky and is having a down year
  • Moinak has impressed this year, but then again only really has been playing against RHP
  • Renfroe is likely a one year rental and has really fallen off after a hot April
  • Trout Trout so CF is locked

Infielders are at a premium with everyone on the IL, but is it worth giving him another shot calling him up now and seeing what he’s got before the trade deadline?

Pros- he crushes it and bolsters a strong lineup to the playoffs

Cons- blows it again and destroys all trade value

What do we think?

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