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Ōtani is tired


During the post game interview tonight, Nevin mentioned Ōtani is tired because he has played everyday as a batter and every few days as a pitcher for the last 16 games. Ever since the split finger nail he has had some sort of injury that has forced him to leave the game as a pitcher, but remain in the lineup as a batter. This may be an unpopular opinion, but if Nevin is going to pull Ōtani from the game as a pitcher due to an injury, then he might as well remove him from the lineup as DH too. We’ve also seen Nevin rotate players in and out of the lineup to give them a day off from playing during a long stretch of games. We’ve seen position players get removed from a game after making a defensive play and they are replaced in the lineup. Do the same with Ōtani. I understand that everyone wants to see Ōtani bat and pitch regularly and that he wants to play daily, but he’s not getting any younger. Does Ōtani have to get a chronic injury like Trout for management to realize they need to give him a day off more often during long stretches of games? I honestly don’t see him being a two way player for the rest of his career. Especially if he wants to continue playing daily as a batter and pitcher. Eventually he’ll have to decide to do one or the other.

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