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Unpopular Opinion, Ohtani won’t stay no matter what


I hear a lot of chatter of how ‘winning a World Series’ or ‘making the playoffs’ would make Ohtani stay.

I get that Ohtani wants to win, but people make it sound like he all of the sudden will not make a more common sense decision that’s best for his career.

He doesn’t care about the money, he cares about winning. The best decision would be a team that is consistently at the top of the division every year and gives him consistent post season births.

No matter how awesome it would be if we made the playoffs, the Angels are not that team. Even if with us making the playoffs, being once since 2013, we are the most average team in MLB in history (look at our stats the past 10 years or even since the beginning, we are at around .500)

Shohei deserves to move beyond the worlds most average team. It pains me to say that-

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