Your Halos Hub!

Guys please don’t hate me. But the optimism hopefulness needs to stop.


I’m a diehard like you and have only missed two games this whole year.

However when I see posts like, “don’t worry, just enjoy,” I question your fandom.

We are a joke of a team. I love of us, I have for 22 years. But this organization has systemic issues, and this causal attitude of just liking and supporting us for leisure isn’t beneficial to the team.

The fact we haven’t made the post like the tigers in 2014, is so disgraceful and embarrassing I question what this organization is thinking. Holy shit it pains me to think that.

We have mike and sho, and WE ARE A LAUGHINGSTOCK, what the actual fuck. I’m ranting at this point because this team is killing me.

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