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Best time/location @ angels stadium to catch balls during batting practice


Hey everyone,

While I’ve been an OC native all my life, I haven’t been a big fan of baseball until now. I’m heading to the game on August 8th against the giants and Im hoping to get a souvenir. My section is out of range of foul balls, although I plan to come as early as possible to batting practice.

My questions to this sub is:

  1. How early can I get into the stadium and to the seats?
  2. Is security at the stadium ok with letting people into the outfield sections to catch balls during batting practice? (Even if I’m not sitting there during the game)
  3. What side of the field (left or right) is best for catching balls during batting practice?
  4. Has anyone on the sub had any personal success with getting autographs hanging out by the field?

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