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Response to everyone talking about the league worst farm system.


First, the farm doesn’t win games for the big league team.

Second, the farm looks more barren than usual because we called them up (and they’ve been good)

Third, when GMPM traded for Moniak and OHoppe it didn’t immediately translate to bump in the farm rankings because they immediately got promoted and have been great for this team (more to be seen with OHoppe). But it’s hilarious how everyone wants to talk about our farm but has no one noticed Bachman, Joyce, Soriano, Ohoppe, Neto, Moniak, Thaiss, Cabbage (less proven) have all been solid contributors to this team? They are all cost controlled and with us for many years to come.

This is the best our future has looked in years and that’s outside of Trout and Ohtani. Not to mention a homegrown rotation with potential and Ward who’s turned things around. I really couldn’t care less about who’s playing in AAA when most of the guys we’ve called up have looked great. I’m starting to care a lot less about the rankings and a lot more about the team actually taking the field. End of rant.

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