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The buzz around Ohtani in the media is getting out of hand


The way I see it, Arte will entertain trading Ohtani, as there is no downside of doing so as far as assets go, but it seems all sports media want them to make a move, and are over-speculating every random scenario in existence that involves trading him to another contender.

It seemed for so long to be something Angels fans cared about and discussed as we have a real stake in the future of the team. But these articles almost say the opposite, as if they want him to get traded purely for buzz.

I understand the media is meant to entertain, so I cannot say I am surprised per se. But they act like its only a matter of time before we trade Ohtani. But the way I see it, chances are very low he actually gets traded – like 10% max.

Curious if anyone else is equally annoyed by the narrative portrayed by the media.

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