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Ohtani Trade or No Trade


If the Angels cannot resign him trade him. WORK ON THE EXTENSION NOW!!! Get the details done. If they can’t agree then ship him to a contender and let that motherfucking LEGEND have a chance at a ring. Get prospects back in return for him. Baltimore is a great place for him to land they can send a hefty return. Or the diamondbacks, dodgers, giants, yankees, Rays or he’ll send him to the Braves. All those teams are in the hunt and have deeper farm systems. We are heating up rn and have 6 games vs. PIT and DET before facing the Jays and Braves. We have to make up ground in the next week. Houston is getting Yordan back next week and they’re playing 3 in OAK, 3 home against TEX and then 3 home against Tampa. I’d say the Angels have to win 6 of the next 9 to keep Ohtani. Anything less I don’t think we will catch Houston and would rather us trade Ohtani and get something in return than to let him walk in FA and us get nothing.

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