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There’s no point in (Re)signing Ohtani if an owner doesn’t overspend.


Ohtani wants to win. Any team that wants to compete almost year in and year out need to spend on other stars. You need strong SP rotation, you need a strong farm system (not expensive part), strong offense and great bullpen. These pieces don’t come cheap. Ohtani will cost $50-60M on his own which he is worth it but other parts are also expensive. You can stay under $233M cap because Ohtani demands to win year in and year out. sure Tampa is competing but they also go through a rebuilding every 5-10 years. Dodgers compete every year but definitely spends over. Arte will hardly spend over cap year in and year out. He won’t spend on development of farm system. He won’t spend on analytics. He’s starting to spend more but not where you need to compete year in and year out.

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