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Imagine A Dream World…


Where Arte has sold the team and Ohtani has resigned for 10 years.

What would you like to see the team actually do to improve? I am sure we all wish we could spend like the Dodgers but that isn’t realistic. What can be done to actually improve the organization while keeping some semblance of a budget?

  1. Medical Staff. We have horrible injury “luck”. Find out who has the best medical staff in MLB and poach them. Compared to a FA contract, that is pennies on the dollar but could have a real impact on performance.

  2. Minor League Development. Same thing. None of our prospects seems to pan out. Find out who does it well and go get them.

  3. Minor League Treatment. Maybe part of the reason our prospects suck is because we treat them like crap. Set up some team housing and a food stipend so the players can focus on baseball and not finding food.

What are some things you would like to see done (outside of signing FAs)?

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