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how can i come to terms with the fact the angles are likely gonna lose the coolest guy in baseball


i’ve loved the angels since i was a kid. my dad would take me to games often. baseballs never been my favorite sport but i love sports and being a competitive guy, so i root for the team closest to my heart in every sport. the angels certainly hold a soft spot for me. Maybe some here would agree that sitting and watching a full 9 innings for as many games are in a season can be a bit challenging… and kinda boring sometimes. But for trout and ohtani it’s a joy to see, truly. I’ve kept up with their record, this season i open my phone so often to see if they can just break top two in their division, just so i can hold onto the hope they’ll keep ohtani if they make the playoffs. everytime i open my phone it’s a nightmare. from being two games behind to now 9. i don’t think it’s doable.. i don’t know how we never manage to make the playoffs. is our division that tough? The last time they did was when I was a kid, only to be dunked on first round by the royals in 15’. Idk. i guess i’m coming here to find out how others are coping with the idea that they’ll likely lose baseballs most captivating player. I feel like if their team just experienced more success, people would flock to their games. certainly i’m not the only one that feels this way. hopefully i can spark a discussion im a hopeless fan depressed with losing an amazing star. /: help

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