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How Bad is Matt Wise?


I listened to some of the Angels radio network broadcast after the game on the MLB app on accident. I was actually trying to go back and listen to the Ohtani home run because fuck ESPN but then I ended up on their after game show. They have this segment for fans to call in about the game, and someone asked a question about the pitching staff, and that brought up the question of Matt Wise.

The DJ/host couldn’t shit on Wise directly, but he was also being objective when he brought up the fact that a couple of years ago, the Angels pitching was atrocious. I forgot the exact stat, but their team ERA was ass. But then last year Wise came on, and their team ERA was one of the best in the league. This year their pitching has fallen off a cliff.

So my question is, what does everyone thing about Wise? Is there something to what the host said? Would replacing Wise really make a difference? The host did say some of the blame does have to go to the pitchers themselves for not getting the outs, and I absolutely agree with that. Some blame goes to the coaching for not getting the best out of their guys, and some blame goes to Nevin for in game management. However, I’m not necessarily trying to play the blame game here. I wanted to have a discussion based on the fact the host brought up about Wise turning the pitching staff around last year.

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