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Deadline Trades


All the articles have been focused on what the Angels could get back if they trade Ohtani if they trade him at all.

But this team isn’t out of playoff contention.

What are trade targets you’d like to see this team make or look at.

For me, a front line starting pitcher and another bat.

If the cubs keep losing that answer is a trade for Marcus Stroman who’s pitched like an ace, and has an opt out considering how well he’s done he’s a rental, but he’s a rental with risk because if he get hurt your stuck with that contract. If Stroman is to expensive, Kyle Hendricks could work, he has a vesting option that won’t vest, he’s a solid pitcher he’s from New Port Beach CA, and we drafted him years and years ago, he’s also a rental and won’t cost as much.

The bat would be Cody Bellinger, he’s had a total bounce back season and has been great, he can play all 3 OF positions at an elite level, and 1st base at a gold glove level.

I don’t think either would cost to much since their salary the rest of the way is like 20 million and they’re both rentals.

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