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Mickey Moniak Signing Disappointment


So I saw that the Angels were holding a signing event with Mickey Moniak today and I figured I’d go and check it out. The event was advertised to go from 11am-12pm, so I got there at 10:40 (a little later than I wanted to get there, but not too bad). I waited in 90 degree heat with no shade for an hour only to be told they were done for the day at 11:40am. The worst part was that I was right at the door for the signing event when they called things off.

At this point I’m not even mad at the Angels Organization, just disappointed. On the field they’ve been a mess and off the field at community events things haven’t been well organized. I’d rather them tell fans ahead of time that the signing really only goes from 11am-11:40am and the event itself wraps up at 12pm.

Just like the Angels’ season so far, this signing event had me going into it with excitement and optimism, only to be met with disappointment.

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