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The media has developed Angels Derangement Syndrome


I feel like the national media coverage of this team has become seriously detached from reality over the past couple weeks.

ESPN gave the team a mid season ranking of C-, with a A++++ for Ohtani and an F— for everyone else. We’ve had some bad games and a lot of injuries, but F-? For Neto and Drury and the catchers and Gio and Esty and Moore and all those guys? We’re not starting Squid because we want to, at least not this year.

The trade discussion is also unhinged. Ohtani to the Padres / Yankees / Mets / Mariners because he really wants to win? All those teams have had more than their share of embarrassing games. At least make the rumors about teams with better records than the Angels.

I get the drama is good for the media, but this crap is making me doubt the truth of what any of these “journalists” say about anything.

::end rant::

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