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Was there this much national conversation before Trout signed his massive contract?


I’m a new-ish fan (grew up in OC, went to a few games as a kid, never followed the team until this last year when I started working at the stadium). My first day working was the no-hitter/Ohtani’s mvp night, so Detmers and Ohtani have a special place in my heart. I follow the team pretty closely now so I have something to talk about at work. All the talk of the Ohtani trade/ upcoming free agency has made me think a lot about how this type of conversation was (presumably) centered around Trout as well before he signed his massive contract. So my question, was the amount of talk about Trout before his contract even remotely comparable to how much people talk about Ohtani’s upcoming FA/leaving the team? Just curious if it’s normally talked about this much? It seemed like last year with Judge that was all anyone was talking about, and similarly with Ohtani this year. So I was just wondering if it was similar with Trouty. Thanks 😇

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