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Would Angels fans actually be mad if they traded Ohtani?


I was reading some articles and watching some commentary about the Ohtain trade and one thing I kept hearing is that the fans would be very upset if he was traded.

So I’m curious, is that true?

I know as a fan it’s very hard to be objective about these things, but the team has been painfully mediocre for years. Not good enough to win and not bad enough to actually get great draft picks. Not that we would do anything productive with them anyway.

And I know that with Arte at the helm, the team is deeply flawed at a fundamental level, and won’t change until he sells or let’s people who know what they are doing run the team. So even if they trade Ohtani and get great players back for him, there are so many other things that need to be fixed before they can be a good team again.

I personally think they should have traded him last year at the deadline and gotten back a king’s ransom for a year and a half of Ohtani.

What do you guys think?

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