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Arte needs to be publicly humiliated


Our only chance of persuading Arte to sell the team is to unleash our dissatisfaction in the public eye.

Our online rants on Reddit and Twitter aren’t going to cut it anymore. We need to pivot our public display of displeasure with signs, chants, and even billboards that scream “SELL THE TEAM” for everyone to see.

Arte has proven himself that he will not sell the team willingly, which is why we must shame him openly, going to such lengths that the media can’t ignore our message. Public humiliation is the only way to get Arte into selling the team.

Let us not forget the number of issues Arte has conveniently swept under the rug. From the Tyler Skaags tragedy, to his shameful opposition to providing basic housing for minor leaguers, his contentious battle with the City of Anaheim over the stadium, and his successful attempt at replacing the team name with Los Angeles. This man has been immersed in a whirlpool of controversy for far too long, not to mention the abyssal baseball contracts he has forced upon us and has forced us into a black hole of mediocrity in exchange for the team to sell tickets. (Hamilton, Mathews Jr., Pujols, Rendon, etc.)

It’s time we start doing the only thing we can do at fans and start being louder about our frustration. Arte does not do any public appearances so he is never asked the tough questions or has to face the scrutiny. The team has already shown that they will protect the organization from any scrutiny by forcing the media to only ask “positive” questions and will blackball anyone who dares ask the tough questions.

I’ve loved baseball all my life, I’ve been Angels fan all my life and going to games with my dad and my wife is something I always look forward to every year. But I have become very reluctant to spend any money on this team, especially while Arte is the owner.

Now we are about to lose one of the greatest talents to every play the game because of our franchises inability to field a competitive team. This will be a major blackeye on the Angels and on Arte. I hope Ohtani deservedly gets a chance to compete on a better team and when Ohtani eventually does move on, that the scrutiny will come two fold on Arte.

TLDR: Arte Moreno needs to be publicly humiliated in order for him to sell the team. The media needs to start hearing our displeasure with who Arte is, both on the field and off the field.

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