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What *The Hell* is wrong with this team? I’m serious, we deserve some answers!


Is there mold in the locker room that slowly weakens the players? Something in the water? Are our trainers Cal State Fullerton drop-outs? Is it gambling? The ghost of Mike Scioscia??

I’m making jokes but I’m honestly serious, we need some answers. It’s not just the last 2 years, we have had talented competitive teams over the past decade which have fallen apart in this same frustrating manor.

While I’m the last person to say the season is over and let’s not overreact, it’s hard to not feel like there is something more going on here than just bad luck and coincidence. Jo Adell plays all year long on AAA and steps on the field and he’s hurt? RENDON omg, guys get hit with baseballs every day. This guy gets hit he’s out for 2 weeks, and nothings even broken. Trout breaks his hand SWINGING THE DAMN BAT! Urshela falls down running and breaks his hip?? Huh?? One of these things happening is a freak accident, but when everyone is getting hurt and with the history of this team’s staffing issues and corruption, I believe an investigation is in order. I yield the floor.

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