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Wins needed in July


Was a little bored so i decided to crunch the numbers so we know how many wins we need this month which looks is going to be tough one. I can’t find it but i remember seeing a post from this sub saying that Rendon said that goal for this club is 15 wins a month. We got it the first two months of this season however missed it by one win in June. With less games in July due to the All-Star Break, i wondered how many wins do we need to match our median from previous months. (Hope my math is right)

March/April 29 games
May:28 games
June:27 games
Total:84 games

July:23 games (All-Star Break)

Pre-July Game Average:28 games

March/April Wins:15
May Wins:15
June Wins:14

Pre-July Win Average:14.66666666666667 wins

Pre-July Win Percentage (win percentage needed to match in July):.524

23 games in July x .524 win percentage = 12 wins needed in July

(11 now after taking finale vs. D-Backs)

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